Scientists Have Proven That Women Officially Need More Sleep Than Men

Finally, ladies have scientific proof that they should stay in bed longer…

Many studies have shown that women seem to sleep longer than men, or at least have a bigger craving for sleep each day. Well, scientists have now proven that women really do need those extra hours in bed!

Bayside Journal
Bayside Journal

Women, rejoice! Science has just given you real proof that you definitely do deserve more sleep than men.

Why is this? Well, because the female brain is more active. Women often tend to be big thinkers, planning out multiple things, making mental lists, trying to juggle multiple tasks at once. All of this activity puts the brain through its paces. And so, at the end of each day, those female brains need more sleep in order to recover.

The research was conducted at Loughborough University in the UK and proved that increased brain activity results in a higher need for sleep. The study also proved that female brains, on average, work in more complex and active ways than male brains.

Professor Jim Horne, author of the study, summed up his team’s findings with the following statement: “Women’s brains are more complex than men’s, so their sleep need is slightly greater.”

So how much extra time should the girls be getting? Well, not a lot, actually. Experts believe we all need around 8 hours of sleep each night, and women should probably get an extra 20 minutes to let their brains recover. Still, 20 minutes is better than nothing.

The study also showed that a lack of sleep will have more negative effects on women than men, so it really is important to try and get plenty of rest each night.


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