Scientists Have Named The Top 10 Songs For Reducing Anxiety And Stress

Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson and Mindlab International have determined that the number one song can reduce stress and anxiety by an outstanding 65%

Music has the power to make us feel better when it seems like nothing else can.


Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson and Mindlab International recently conducted a study to determine the most calming songs to listen to when you’re suffering from stress or anxiety.

Participants were asked to solve tricky puzzles that are designed to induce stress while they were played a selection of songs. Their heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing was being monitored, and scientists were able to identify the 10 most relaxing songs:

10. We Can Fly, by Rue du Soleil (Café Del Mar)

9. Canzonetta Sull’aria, by Mozart

8. Someone Like You, by Adele

7. Pure Shores, by All Saints

6. Please Don’t Go, by Barcelona

5. Strawberry Swing, by Coldplay

4. Watermark, by Enya

3. Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix), by DJ Shah

2. Electra, by Airstream

1. Weightless, by Marconi Union

The song that took the top spot is Weightless, by British trio Marconi Union. The 2011 ambient electronica track was created in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, and would lead to the band’s inclusion in Time Magazine’s annual Inventors of the Year list.

According to the study, the song can reduce stress levels and anxiety by an astounding 65%. Dr. Lewis-Hodgson actually advises against listening to the 8-minute song because it induces a trance-like feeling of intense euphoria, which ended up making a few participants drowsy. If you’re willing to take the risk, here it is:

And, if you’re feeling like you need to really unwind, here’s a playlist of the entire top 10: