School Bus Driver Notices Kids Acting Strangely Towards A Disabled Boy, Then Writes A Note To Their Parents

The driver was amazed by what she saw

Cindy Clausen is a school bus driver in Princeton, NJ. While driving her daily route, she started to notice that two of the kids were behaving strangely around another student, who happened to be disabled. But they weren’t bullying him. In fact, they were trying to be his friend!


Clausen was touched to see how these two kids, named Annaliese and Jorge, would always act so kindly towards the disabled boy, named Jackson. They’d always save him a seat, make him laugh, and encourage him to come and sit with them.

One time, Annaliese and Jorge did something extra special for Jackson, and this inspired Cindy to get in touch with the kids’ parents.


Jackson was having a hard time walking when they got off the bus, so Annaliese helped him out while Jorge carried his bag for him.


Cindy knew that these kids’ parents were probably already aware of how great they were, but she wanted to write a letter to tell them the story.


Cindy also shared the letter on Facebook, where it quickly went viral.


People have been really impressed with the kids’ behavior.

“Parenting goals right here,” said one comment, “I don’t need my son to be the smartest in his class, but I’d sure love it if he was one of the kindest.”

Another wrote: “I love everything about this, that the children are kind and polite, and have parents who have taught them well, and that another human being saw their kindness and took the time to acknowledge it, this must have been a beautiful moment for the parents to read this note!”


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