Ryan Reynolds Has Finally Explained That Awkward Photo At Taylor Swift's Party

We love you even more now, Ryan!

We’ve all had a picture taken when we were totally unaware and ended up looking weird. To make matters worse, in that picture, your friend is looking really good, so it turns up on the internet.

Beloved Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds went through a similar experience at Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July party.

His uncomfortable expression in a group picture had the internet in fits. Now, months later, Reynolds has cleared up the confusion.

Swift’s Fourth of July party was off the hook! There were so many pictures of the country star frolicking in the water with her now ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.

Instagram | @hiddleswifties

The party was a star-studded event with Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively in attendance.

Entertainment Weekly

Among the trove of photos was a group shot of three couples.

The couples were Taylor and Tom, some of Taylor’s childhood friends, and Ryan and Blake.

Instagram | @britmaack

Soon after the picture went viral, people started pointing out the expression of extreme discomfort on Reynolds’ face.

About 6 months after the picture was taken, Ryan has explained the expression.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he explained that it was simply just how his face was. In fact, he wasn’t uncomfortable at all.


“No, that’s a problem I’ve had all my life. If I’m not aware a photo is being taken, my natural resting face is one of a man dying. I had no idea somebody was taking a photo. Therefore I was resting comfortably in my persona of a man whose soul is visibly exiting this earth,” he said.

Daily Mail

As it turns out, this was just another incident of social media over-analyzing the minor aspects of a celebrity’s life.

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