Russian President Putin Orders Officials To Bring Relatives Home

Worrying order deepens doubts about Putin’s plans

People are rightfully a little worried about Russia. It’s the largest and one of the most powerful countries in the world, and it doesn’t always agree with everyone else. The prospect of war is looming, and this latest order from Vladimir Putin is rather disconcerting.


Vladimir Putin has recently sent out an official order, instructing all of Russia’s officials to bring their family members home. This means that any Russian people currently living abroad are being encouraged to return to their homeland.

The news broke on Russian news site ZNAK and has quickly circulated around the net. Various Russian politicians and officials have received this warning directly from Putin himself, and the world is rightfully worried about what it could mean.


This isn’t the first time that Putin has acted in a worrying way. Just recently, he cancelled a trip to France after growing furious with the country’s response to Moscow’s involvement in Syria.

Reports have also stated that Russia has been performing nuclear attack drills, with all of the signs pointing towards the breakout of war.

A Russian political analyst and expert, Stanislav Belkovsky, believes that this little order is “part of the package of measure to prepare elites for some ‘big war'”.

For now, we don’t have any real confirmation about what Putin is planning or why he has issued this order, but the situation is a troubling one.


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