Research Study Announces Interesting Findings That 'Selfie Takers' Are Actually Super Lonely

Makes you wonder … how many is too many?

A recent behavioral study conducted in Thailand is creating quite the buzz on the internet. Claiming ‘selfie takers’ are actually relatively lonely people (among other things), the research might not be so far off.


The findings also showed a strong correlation between stable mental health and self image. Interestingly enough, the 300 individuals surveyed, mostly females ranging from 21-24 in age, were discovered to spend at least 50% of their spare time Facebooking, Instagramming, Snapchatting, and the like.

The supposed hypothesis that selfie takers more often exhibit traits such as vanity, narcissism,and self-centeredness might actually be pretty spot on.

Prominent researcher Dr. Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol seems to agree, stating that insecure people or people with a low self-esteem tend to seek approval from others through the use of social media.

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“Not only do individuals who become obsessed with taking selfies tend to feel that their personal lives and psychological well-being are damaged, but they may feel that relationship qualities with others are also impaired.”

Surprisingly, the study also highlighted a relationship between mental health and the selfie phenomenon. Taking the same photo over and over to produce the best possible results is said to instil the false idea that one can achieve unrealistic expectations 100% of the time.

“While many people consider taking selfies to be an enjoyable activity, those who take selfies need to concern themselves with the unhealthy behaviors that might be associated with this activity as well,” Dr. Charoensukmongkol explains.

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While not exactly labeled an ‘addiction,’ selfie taking is said to be a symptom of anxiety as well as body dysmorphic disorder in some cases.

Even though the world’s number of Instagram posts and Facebook profile pics might never dwindle, we’re glad to say we have some new insight on the methods behind the madness.

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