Rescuers Nurse Abused & Abandoned Pup Back To Health Only To Discover He's Been Hiding A Secret

His story is nothing short of a miracle.

Abandoned, rejected, and tortured by the world, Oscar was simply looking for the slightest hint of love and affection. Reaching out to help and nurse the poor animal back to health, rescuers accidentally made a discovery that no one saw coming. 

via Facebook/Save A Greek Shelter

As a stray, Oscar was forced to fight for his life on numerous occasions. In fact, his once luscious and golden coat had become matted, bloodied, and sparse because of the multiple attacks he faced from other ravenous dogs.

Thankfully, Save A Greek Shelters, a group of local animal lovers, rescued the poor pup and brought him to safety. While still in a great deal of pain, Oscar somehow knew he was among friends. Immediately after being taken in, his demeanor completely changed.

via Facebook/Save A Greek Shelter

He went from being a shy, frightened dog in the corner to playfully running around with staff and other animals housed at the facility. But something still wasn’t quite right.

A vet visit uncovered the multiple issues still ailing poor little Oscar. Mange, ehrlichia, and leishmaniasis, to name a few, were forcing the rescued animal to itch and scratch at his tattered coat and raw skin. The poor pup couldn’t even attempt to control the urge!

via Facebook/Save A Greek Shelter

Luckily, Oscar seemed to make leaps and bounds during his journey to recovery. After rounds of prescriptions, medicated topical creams, and a change in diet, he was good as new! So good in fact that you’d never guess he’d been in such bad shape just a few months earlier. However, Oscar was still hiding a devastating secret.

via Facebook/Save A Greek Shelter

In a regularly scheduled check up, rescuers made a shocking discovery about their newfound friend. Impressively enough, Oscar had fooled everyone into thinking he could see. In reality, the perseverant pup was completely and totally blind.

Even so, the amazing animal beat the odds and learned to function completely on his own! Meals, games of fetch, playdates, maneuvering around the shelter, practically everything in his daily life Oscar did independently.

via Facebook/Save A Greek Shelter

Considering the pup’s challenging life and the obstacles he’s had to overcome, it’s safe to say Oscar is truly an inspiration to humans and animals alike.

Check out his amazing and beautiful journey in the heartwarming clip below!

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