Rescuers Find Yorkie Abandoned For A Month, As They Looked Closer, They Discover Five Newborns

Thankfully they got to the pups just in time!

We all know how important it is to care for the elderly, especially those at certain ages or those who have particular illnesses. Sometimes they get put into nursing homes so that someone can keep them safe and happy all the time…


The issue, however, is when pets become involved. When the elderly owner gets help, who helps the pets left behind? After living with one person for such a long time, the pets feel abandoned, and find themselves looking for their new forever home.

That happened to an adorable little Yorkie who had to fend for herself after her caretaker was brought to a senior home in 2015.

Thankfully one of the neighbor phoned in to the SICSA Pet Adoption Center concerned about the little pup.

The poor girl was left all alone for about a month! During that time, she developed matted fur and overgrown nails. She was unable to walk properly, and she had just given birth to a litter containing five baby puppies!

The pooch, named Winnie, had to be taken to a vet where she got the care she deserved- along with an awesome makeover!

After a nice bath, a haircut, and a manicure, she ended up looking like a completely different pup!

She got to reunite with her beloved puppies, and all of them got a great bill of healthy and renewed spirits. They were now ready for their new forever homes!

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