Rescue Workers Find A Lost Dog. One Day Later, They Spot His Sister Hiding Nearby.

You’ll be glad to hear that this story has a happy ending…

It’s never nice to hear about dogs being abandoned or abused. Luckily, there are plenty of good people out there who work to save these poor animals and find them new homes.


A bunch of rescue workers recently found a dog living out on the streets. They took him to a vet, where he received some love and care.

The workers then returned to the scene the next day, where they discovered a second dog! This was the first dog’s sister, and she had hidden away in fear on the previous day.

The rescuers decided to do all they could to nurse the two dog’s back to health. It was pretty difficult with the female dog, as she was much more timid and cautious, but eventually she took a little treat from one of the worker’s hands.

But that’s when the story got even crazier.

After eating, the sister started to walk away. The workers assumed she was trying to hide or escape, so they followed her around the corner, where they discovered yet another dog!

The third dog was in a terrible condition, just like the others, and the rescue workers managed to deduce that the trio had been used to have lots of puppies for the cruel owners to sell on for a profit.

The dogs were covered in ticks and weak from lack of food, but all three were taken to a shelter and nursed back to good health.

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