Rescue Team Goes In To Save A Dog And Finds Her Puppies!

Dogs are too good to be true!

via YouTube

Hope for Paws is a rescue organization based in Los Angeles. It’s run by a husband and wife team dedicated to saving animals from homelessness, abuse, and neglect.

Taking care of animals of all sizes, ages, and breed can get complicated for the team, but they have been dedicated to this cause for 8 years.

The video above shows what a regular day in the office looks like for these animal rescuers. It’s about the rescue of a dog; the team that goes in does not have a lot of information. They try their hardest anyway and after a lot of efforts with the dog, they finally succeed in retrieving it.

But before they can leave with the dog, one of the volunteers feels a paw on her knee. What happens next is interesting as well as a little scary. Click on the video and see for yourself how the rescue team saves the dogs.

Interesting as this video is, it also serves as a reminder to us that we should follow our instinct. The volunteer could tell something was up and she followed her intuition, which resulted in something wonderful.

The dog’s happiness at the end is worth all the risks and troubles this rescue team took. Let this inspire you to help out the homeless animals around you. If you cannot adopt or foster, you can always donate or raise funds for the animal rescuers.

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