Remember Those Little Diamond Things On Bags? Well They Have A Cool Use You Never Knew

The more you know!

I feel so nostalgic for the time when backpacks were the main showcase of your personality.

One strapping or two strapping was the question at the time. But the most revolutionary bag characteristic is one we never noticed, but was always right there!


Regardless of which company is behind the bag, every bag always has a simple diamond in the center with one or two slits.


This little thing is called a lash tab. It serves the purpose of allowing one to string their shoe laces through and carry their shoes on the outside of the bag.

Not only does that free up space in your bag for more fragile things, but it also serves as quite the fashion statement.

“Originally, it was designed to carry an ice ax,” says Jamie Cormack, the co-founder of Herschel. “It’s a nod to the past, to pay homage to those old alpine bags that had these.”

The feature was initially added to aid ramblers and hikers.

“What a hiker or climber would attach depends on what type of adventure they are on – could be a water bottle, could be climbing rope, could be almost anything,” said JanSport’s vice president of marketing, Ann Daw.

“But no matter what it is they are attaching, it would be something the person needs quick access to and thus the lashing square, so it’s on the outside of the pack.”

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