Remember the Ladies From 'Coyote Ugly'? You Won't Believe How They Look Now!

This list will bring back a lot of memories!

Coyote Ugly captured the hearts of all those who watched it since it was released back in the year 2000. Its creative storyline and wonderful musical performances made it an immediate classic. Fans fell for the charming characters who found meaning in their lives after hopping onto the counter of a bar in New York. Once you see how the young stars changed so much throughout the years, you’ll be completely shocked! Keep scrolling and see the still-gorgeous actors below!

Izabella Miko Back Then

No one will forget young Izabella Miko’s outstanding performance as loveable fan favorite, Cammie.


Izabella Now

Incredible! The actress has barely changed. You can only imagine just how the other members of the cast look!


Adam Garcia Back Then

Coyote Ugly ended up being Adam’s first real major role. His character was Kevin, Violet’s hottie of a love interest.

Daily Mail

What a perfect breakout role!

What do you think the heartthrob looks like these days?


Adam Now

Adam hasn’t been as active as an actor since the movie, but he did star in various TV movies and appeared in a few shows.

Daily Mail

Kaitlin Olson Back Then

Do you remember that scene with a “bidding girl”? That was actually Kaitlin Olson — star of the popular TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

YouTube | Dsweetbox

Kaitlin Now

Kaitlin currently stars in her own TV show, The Mick, which appears on Fox. How crazy is it to realize she played a role in Coyote Ugly?! What else don’t we know?


This fantastic actress sure has made the most of her career. Can’t wait to see what she’ll be in next.


John Goodman Back Then

After huge roles in the cult classic The Big Lebowski as well as hit television sitcom Roseanne, John became one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. It definitely doesn’t surprise anyone that he completely nailed the role of Violet’s dad, Bill.


John Now

John has managed to maintain superstar status. He recently appeared in the just released thriller, Kong: Skull Island.

Daily Mail

Tyra Banks Back Then

The model played the fun, outgoing bartender, Zoe.


Tyra Now

Come on…this is Tyra Banks we’re talking about! She looks beautiful, as always!

Fashion Trends PK

Maria Bello Then

Maria was the wise, omniscient boss, Lil.

Screen Week

Maria Now

Even until now, Maria looks wonderful!


Piper Perabo Back Then

Piper was the star of the movie, playing the main role as Violet Sanford.


Piper Now

Years later and she maintained that signature smile! Gorgeous!

Just Jared

Melanie Lynskey Then

Remember Gloria? Who doesn’t remember Violet’s BFF from New Jersey?


Melanie Now

Clearly time doesn’t affect her! She appears to be as adorable as always!

The Salt Lake Tribune

Who knew she was the same actress as Charlie’s obsessive neighbor in popular hit show Two and a Half Men?

TV Guide

Bridget Moynahan Back Then

Bridget’s character was Rachel, the dark, edgy barkeep.


Bridget Now

Whether she’s attending a bar or standing on Hollywood’s red carpet, this gorgeous lady continues to amaze!


LeAnn Rimes Back Then

You don’t think we forgot the talented and beautiful LeAnn Rimes? The widely-regarded singer played none other than herself!


LeAnn Rimes Now

LeAnn hasn’t changed even one bit! She still looks as phenomenal as ever!

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