Recent Research Study Reveals The Optimal Age For Women To Start A Family And It's Later Than You Might Think

It definitely surprised us…

Say goodbye to the ancient myths surrounding aging woman and childbirth. According to a new research study, the optimal age to have children is actually around the age of 35. Shocking right? Lucky for you, we have all the details behind the claim that’s defying decades of research and advice.

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It’s been common knowledge for quite some time that the older a person is, the more established they are not only in their career but in their overall life as well. While that idea is true, there was always been a negative connotation attached to the idea of having children later on in life. Previous teachings have also informed ‘high risk pregnancies’ refer to women giving birth after their 35th birthday.

A new research study conducted by the University of Southern California has come to a shockingly different conclusion. Their research points to the idea that having a baby after the age of 35 is actually more beneficial to the new mother.  A woman having a child in her late 30s is likely to increase her life expectancy as well as her mental ability.

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Testing on a total of 830 premenopausal women, the study measured planning, visual perception, verbal memory, in addition to levels of concentration and attention. The results? Females who had given birth for the first time after the age of 24 performed wildly better on mental precision tests than participants who became mothers before the age of 24. Shocking right? There’s more to the story.

Women who reported their last pregnancy after 35 scored higher overall in the cognition and verbal memory categories. In short, the older females were found to have faster, healthier, and more astute brains.

Apparently, science has pinpointed the source of the difference: hormones. Women experience a surge of chemicals, specifically estrogen and progesterone, during pregnancy that are linked to increased mental status and brain function. The later on in life these ‘surges’ occur, the, more permeant they are likely to be.

As a result of the astounding research, scientists have labeled 35 as the ideal age for women to begin a family. While there are still ‘risks’ associated with pregnancy in the later years of a mom’s life, the benefits seem to be scooting them aside quite a bit.

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