Reasons Why Grandparents Are the Funniest People On Facebook

They tell it how it REALLY is.

Asking parents or grandparents to tweet or post to Facebook might leave them scratching their heads … or leave us laughing in tears. These are the top twenty hilarious, real-life examples of seniors roaming the internet … and boy, are they good. 

Preach it Grandma.

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Please answer me, Walmart.

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No more nice Nana.

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He’s getting socks for Christmas.


I wonder what she’s talking about…

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Oh, Joyce … at it again.


Why? We don’t know.

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Glenda deserves first priority here.

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… and she’s serious.

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They don’t exactly sell divorce repellant.

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How thoughtful.

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“Goodnight grandma.” Yes.

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What a cool name.

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Um … thank you?


At least someone is taking the time to see how Red Lobster is doing.

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Poor thing. She’s just being honest!

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Ouch! Grandma doesn’t hold anything back.

It was worth a shot.


He won’t stop still he finds them.


“Grandma sent another Snapchat, she needs help getting up.”

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