"Read to a Dog" Program Encourages Young Kids To Read Stories To New Furry Friends

It’s a win-win situation for the kids and the dogs

Reading is such an important life skill, but some kids find it harder than others. This cool new initiative is helping those children find their voice, while also allowing them to make new friends.


The Dorothy Ailing Memorial Library, located near Burlington, VT, has invented a really great initiative to help kids learn to read.

The program is called “Read to a Dog” and involves the kids being paired-up with therapy dogs. The children are then encouraged to read stories to their furry pals. It works because the kids don’t need to worry about being judged; they can simply do their best, safe in the knowledge that the dog will always be eager to listen.

One boy has really benefited from this program is 7-year-old Oli Cassini.

Oli used to struggle with reading, but when his mom heard about the program, she knew that it could work. Funnily enough, Oli got teamed up with a dog named Ollie. The boy is allowed to choose any book he wants and enjoys visiting the library on a regular basis to read to his friend.

Oli said, “It’s very fun. You might try it this time and like it, you might not. Just try it.”

Sounds like a plan!

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