Queen Elizabeth Visits Manchester Victims in Hospital: "Ariana Grande Is A Very Good Singer”

Victims of the Manchester attack were surprised to get a visit from Queen Elizabeth Thursday.

The Queen visited a children’s hospital Thursday to check up on victims from the Manchester bombing. Throughout her visit to the Royal Manchester Hospital, she told one victim that Ariana Grande is a “very good singer.”


The Queen visited the Royal Manchester Hospital to meet some of the 64 people who were injured in the Manchester attack. This shortly followed today’s “national pause” for a minute of silence to honour the victims of the attack.

Of the 14 children admitted at that hospital, five are in critical condition.

Visit and Comments

During the visit, the Queen tells a 14-year-old Manchester victim, Evie Mills, that she thinks Ariana Grande is a “very good singer.”

Evie had apparently gotten tickets to Ariana Grande’s concert as a birthday gift. She was rushed to the hospital after suffering injuries in her leg and chest. The Queen told her parents that after the attack “everyone is united.”

“It’s dreadful. Very wicked. To target that sort of thing.” said Theresa May, who also visited Evie during her stay at the hospital.

Her father wrote on Facebook saying: “The good news is the surgery went well, its rest all day tomorrow but needs another operation Thursday. Love you Evie Mills.”

Other victims the Queen visited included 15-year-old Millie Robson and 12-year-old Amy Barlow.

Ariana’s Tour

Following the Manchester attack, Ariana Grande has decided to suspend her tour in order to “pay proper respects to those lost.” Her management released a statement saying: “Due to the tragic events in Manchester the Dangerous Woman tour with Ariana Grande has been suspended until we can further assess the situation and pay our proper respects to those lost.”

“The London O2 shows this week have been cancelled as well as all shows through 5 June in Switzerland.” They also guaranteed that everyone who purchased their tickets will be refunded.

Ariana had posted on Twitter after the attack, saying: “Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words.”

Fortunately, so far, the injured victims of the attack seem to be recovering in hospital. Thoughts and prayers go out to all those hoping for a full recovery.