Proof That Wives Are Way Funnier Than Husbands

Truth be told, women are funnier in general too. (Yeah, I said it.)

Marriage is an amazing commitment that brings out the best in you. We’ve all heard that marriages need to be kept interesting to prevent monotony. Well, there are some wives out there who quite possibly have the best solution ever!

These women know keeping their husbands hopping on their toes is the sure way to go!

When he’s rude to the dog…

Imgur | bojo2015

When you need strength in the shower.

Reddit | justgrant2009

Keeping him interested.

Reddit | sedatemenow

So understanding.

Reddit | [deleted]

When she’s too funny.

Reddit | AelyneMB

Her nickname for him.

Reddit | blubberbot

Her work husband.

Reddit | TILwhofarted

Hide and seek.

Twitter | @fourzerotwo

You know what she likes.

Reddit | xspacemonkey85x

Crazy love.

Imgur | MadVillainousDave

I like this one better.

Reddit | Foreknown

Just a reminder.

Reddit | cbam

Smart woman!

Reddit | bmwhd

The end is amazing!

Reddit | biscoff_nutella

She respects your privacy.

Imgur | Lassannn

And leaves cute notes.

Imgur | Lassannn

Her smile says everything!

Twitter | @sandy_manzy


Twitter | @LanetteL


Reddit | twoforjoy


Instagram | @houseofmaryyy

Good idea.

Twitter | @simoncholland

Cute, little french toasties.

Reddit | priceky

V-day gifts.

Reddit | thesockbunny

Not her fault you’re so tall.

Twitter | @Romaishungry

Winning it 12 times in a row!

Reddit | eisenh0wer


Twitter | @thatclassygirl_/


Twitter | @COM0LAFLOR

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