Proof That Moms Are The Funniest Of Parents

My mom is funnier than me too…

Mothers are simply too amazing to be true. We all remember the times our mothers embarrassed us by telling people of our darkest childhood secrets. Thanks to the internet, moms have a whole new outlet to humiliate us!

Look at these moms and get on with the laughing!

No holds barred.

Imgur | lipsticktaseryay

Hahaha, well she was your google growing up!

Reddit | StackerPentecost

Sam looks shady is all.

Imgur | dnos2718

When a Marine’s mom takes away his toys.

Reddit | bakeandestroy

She’s so chill about it!

Imgur | CptKurczak

Totally deserved that! Spot on, though!

Reddit | satanscomedian

She could run the Google!

Reddit | sprawld

Censoring the TV herself.

Imgur | DantesInfernape

When moms take the internet too seriously.

Instagram | @bratalie

Being a kid.

Imgur | idothisforfun427

She did her best…

Imgur | JoshMcGinty


Imgur | Bellsofjoy55

Now, that’s a costume!

Reddit | Flintor

I want to see that!

Instagram | @lrgeorge1202

Well, it worked…

Twitter | @ultratwigs

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