Pregnant Woman Runs In Walmart Bathroom , Then One Of The Workers Spots Something In The Trash

The worker couldn’t believe what she saw in the trash can

A shocking story here after a pregnant woman burst into a Walmart bathroom and left a huge surprise in the trash.


The incident occurred at the Walmart store in New Roads, LA. A pregnant woman ran into the bathroom and was visibly bleeding. An employee followed to check that everything was alright, and the woman said that she was having menstrual problems.

The employee offered the woman some paper towels and left.

Hours later, another employee entered the bathroom and started to clean. She went to clear out the trash and noticed that the bag felt particularly heavy. When she looked inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

A newborn baby was lying in the trash. She wasn’t breathing and her skin was pale. It looked like the pregnant woman had actually given birth inside the Walmart bathroom and thrown her baby into the trash.

The employee called the emergency services, who rushed to the scene. The baby was taken to hospital and, fortunately, managed to recover.

The mother was identified as Kyandrea Thomas. After abandoning the child in the trash, Thomas apparently went to hospital and claimed to be suffering from some kind of problem with her pregnancy.

Authorities were shocked by Thomas’ acts and she is now going to have to deal with second-degree attempted murder charges.

We just have to be thankful that the Walmart employee managed to discover the baby in time. Authorities estimate that the baby would have died had she been left for much longer.

Named Olivia, this baby is lucky to be alive. SHARE her incredible story on social media!