Pregnant Mom Goes In For An Ultrasound. Leaves The Doctor Shocked By What He Finds.

Doctor conducting ultrasound finds baby’s feet dangling out of the womb!

A 33-year-old woman was pregnant with her sixth child. However, she didn’t realise that the previous C-sections had weakened her uterine wall.

She’d developed a tear in her uterus, however she had no idea about it because it wasn’t accompanied by any symptoms.

When she went in for her scheduled ultrasound on the 22nd week of pregnancy, the doctor was shocked to find the baby’s legs dangling out of the amniotic sac.

Only 26 such cases have been found till date, and this condition is referred to as a “rupture pregnancy.”

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The French couple were expecting a boy. They had no idea they’d find a tear in the uterus.

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The doctors expected a regular ultrasound like the one above. What they found was an almost-unheard-of medical rarity.

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The uterine tear was one-inch in length, which was sufficient for the baby’s feet to pop right out through the amniotic sac.

This intriguing ultrasound image of a baby’s feet kicking through the uterine wall quickly caught viral attention over Social Media.

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The author of the report, Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Bouet, said he’d never seen anything like it before.

There are only 26 such reported cases of “rupture pregnancy.”

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The doctor said that this condition was a result of her history of cesarean sections which weakened the uterus wall.

The couple was told of all the risks associated with a herniated sac, such as placenta accreta, hysterectomy, and preterm birth.

However, the couple went ahead with the pregnancy.

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The baby boy was born into the world 30 weeks later, again via c-section. At six months of age, he is a happy and healthy boy.

The mother’s uterine rupture was fixed after the pregnancy.

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