Pouting On The Side Of The Road, Baby Elephant Throws Huge Temper Tantrum Caught On Tape

He definitely learned his lesson!

Apparently, temper tantrums are common with all toddlers, whether human or animal! In fact, one adorable little elephant gave us the evidence to prove it.


Sulking on the side of the road, the young elephant decided to make his discontent a very well-known fact. Interestingly enough, his antics are quite similar to those of our very own children! 

The temper tantrum caught on camera shows the toddler purposely throwing himself on the ground and rolling around in the dusty dirt. Waiting for someone to notice the scene, the elephant looks around for Mom. As you could have guessed, she was having nothing to do with the mess. 

Walking right by her baby calf, Mama is completely uninterested in his childish behavior. She proceeds to go about her day and heads in the complete opposite direction. Realizing his mother might be leaving, the small elephant instantly picks himself right up and trots over to follow her. This situation sounds a little familiar, right?

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