Police Pull a Couple Over, Then Notice a Terrible Smell Coming From Under Their Baby's Blanket

You’ll never believe what they had done…

This is just so sad…


So many stories are circulating the internet regarding the safety of babies caught in the craziness that their drug-addicted or criminal parents put on them. Remember the guy who staged a break-in at a random house and claimed that the toddler there was his own?

Most of these stories are unbelievably disturbing, and make you thing how and why these people can live with themselves after putting an infant in these situations.

Officials in Hall County, GA stated that Russell Passmore, 38, and Megan Stone, 27, had been pulled over earlier this week as they were driving down Clarks Bridge Road.

When they deputies walked up to the car, they took notice of the baby on the back seat, only four months old, and covered with a blankie and diaper bag.

To their shock, authorities stated that after investigating further, they found $20,000 or so in drugs and paraphernalia tucked under the baby’s blanket and inside the bag that was covering the little one.

“The odor was very strong, and having worked drugs for a long time, I know it can give adults bad headaches, so I can only imagine the risks that were posed to a four-month-old child,” stated Lieutenant Scott Ware of Hall County’s Narcotics Squad.

Fortunately officers showed up when they did, and rushed the baby to the hospital. Of course (thank god) the couple were arrested.

Thankfully there was no physical harm done to the baby and he is expected to be entirely healthy even after the unfortunate incident. The couple will face plenty of charges for their actions.

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