Pit Bull Rescued After His Owners Left Him to Die

Despite what his owners believed, a dog is NOT trash.


If you are a dog owner, you understand: our pets are much like our children. We take care of them. We love them. They are part of the family.

Sadly, not all parents treat their children and pets well. While some people grow up in healthy, happy homes, others grow up surrounded by abuse and neglect. In these situations, the community must step in and rescue those that are living in those hurtful situations.

Ollie, an adorable pit bull / lab mix, lived in such a neglectful home. His owners were so neglectful that they didn’t feel the need to take their dog with them when they moved to a new home. These owners didn’t even try to find their dog a new home. Instead, they left him on the side of the curb with their garbage.

Rescuers from the Detroit-area animal welfare group DAWG soon received a call about a dog that was roaming around the neighborhood.

When the team showed up to investigate, they were told by neighbors that the family had abandoned Ollie. They quickly noticed that Ollie had been tied to the trash heap on the curb, left out in the cold for over a week.

The pit bull was emaciated, malnourished, and had clearly been mistreated for a while before he was found. Despite his poor physical condition, Ollie had plenty of kisses for his rescuers!

Ollie is currently recovering from a broken femur, but he will be available to move to his forever home very soon 🙂

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