Pit Bull Gets Rescued By Cops After Being Chained Up Outdoors And Left To Freeze

Rescued dog becomes a K-9 officer

It’s a sad fact that pit bulls are one of those dog breeds that get judged way too harshly by the general public. People associate these dogs with aggression and violence, when in actual fact, pit bulls can be just as friendly and loving as any other kind of dog. 


In some places, pit bulls are banned entirely because people are scared about their capacity for violence. The truth is that dogs behave depending on how they are raised. If a pit bull is raised properly, it will develop into a well-behaved, friendly pet. If it is raised in a violent manner, it may become violent as a result.

This poor pit bull was left outdoors, chained up without any toys or company. The dog was left outside in freezing conditions, whimpering in the cold and crying out for anyone to come and help her.

Fortunately, when neighbors noticed the way the dog was being treated, they called the cops, who were able to set her free.

They named the dog Kiah and decided to take her in as one of their own, training her up to become a full-fledged K-9 officer! Now, she works hand-in-hand with officers of the Poughkeepsie Police Department.

Kiah happens to be one of the first ever pit bull K-9 officers.

“All pit bulls are not nasty and aggressive and she’s a perfect example. She’s lovable, she’s friendly, she came from a horrible situation and to see that, that’s what ultimately makes it the most rewarding,” said one of the officers who works with Kiah.

It’s great to see this pit bull proving that silly stereotypes about dog breeds just aren’t true! Watch the video to learn more and SHARE the story to raise positive awareness about pit bulls!