Pink Pauses Her Show and Audience Members Are Moved to Tears at What She Does Next!

“I am who I am because of him.”

Pink gave her father one of the best gifts in the world after she invited him on stage to sing “I Have Seen The Rain” with her in a moving duet…


In a packed show in New York City, Pink pauses her concert to talk to the audience for a moment. She revealed that her dad, a Vietnam veteran, has always been her idol and hero as she was growing up. She called him her favorite rockstar, and stated, “I am who I am because of him.”

She said that her father, Jim Moore, whilst in Vietnam wrote a song over 40 years ago. During the time of the show, in 2007, there were many American troops serving in the military at the height of wartime in the Middle East. The song is considered a soldier’s cry, and remains important in today’s society as many troops continue to serve and are still abroad.

Together with her father, Pink proceeded to give her audience a touching performance of the song “I Have Seen The Rain.” The beauty of the song and the dynamics behind the duet make for a truly heartfelt performance guaranteed to bring you to tears.

It’s especially wonderful to see when celebrities, especially big A-listers like Pink, remember their family and people close to them from their past, and honor them with performances like these. It’s clear that Pink really does appreciate her dad’s love and support, and has inspired her throughout her singing career.

Watch below:

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