Pictures Of Things You Have Never Seen Before

All of these will amaze you…

All these pictures are of things that you might have never seen before. Some of these are totally unbelievable, but they’re all simply amazing!

A view of a shuttle launch from the International Space Station.

Warren Ellis

An undersea cable after a cross section.

Solway Shore Stories | Ann Lingard

This cabbage shows perfect geometry.

reddit | u/Nomsfud

A before and after picture with makeup application, of Marlon Brando for his role in Godfather.

reddit | u/Necroluster

A machine that lays bricks.

Wonderful Engineering

A creation by Loren Stump called a murrine or a ‘loaf of art’. It is made from glass, with a single slice costing $5000.

Stump Chuck

Coins put together over the table in such a way that they don’t collapse.


A super accurate CT scanner named the Revolution CT.


A cloud shaped like a “UFO”.

by Teche Blog | Daily Mail

A display of an infant’s skull before the baby teeth fall out.

reddit | u/NeoshadowXC

An image of a plastic water bottle before being expanded with compressed air.

reddit | u/MistaC

A million colors in just one picture (a pixel for each color).

Wikipedia | 1 million colors

Inside a Patek Phillipe.

Creative Boy’s Club

Hitler’s mustache before he trimmed it.


This picture, which is a single picture and has not been Photoshopped.

Bela Borsodi

Nature helping create perfect Pyrite cubes.

by Carles Milan | Geology

A cast made from 3-D printing, which uses ultrasound to heal bones at a greater speed (38% faster).

IFL Science

Discovered in Fukan China in 2000, the Fukang Meteorite, a pallasite (a meteorite with a stone and iron texture).

Amusing Planet

A picture of the US-Mexico border at the Algodones Sand Dune.

Wikipedia | Department of Homeland Security

A sunset and eclipse taking place together.

National Geographic

Difference between sight of a human (top) and the sight of a cat (bottom).


A Black Swallower can eat prey that is 10 times larger than it!

Contexto Nacional

A picture of what Manhattan would have looked like in 1609 versus a picture taken now.

National Geographic

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