Pictures Of Perfect Revenge

Best served ice cold!

The Internet’s vast reach has allowed a lot of boundless communication. It has also brought revenge to the global stage. With that, we present to you some of the most brutal revenge acts online.

How to end a friendship…permanently.

Twitter | @CaballeroSerena

Who’s the boss now?

Imgur | Jafooley


Imgur | NateCrispell


Twitter | @Junior_Smith7


Twitter | @grlpool


Imgur | KnightOfTheBrohirrim

Fool me thrice.

Imgur | Hitthebutton

Petty Betty.

Twitter | @NickLutz12

Look at the glee on her face.


Lesson learned, huh?

Reddit | mrmaster2

College education folks.

Imgur | 1plus

We will not let your death be in vain Stevie.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Screw you pigeons!

Reddit | Mandiea91

Easy peasy.

Imgur | TedBuckley

When you are a jerk to a public worker.

Reddit | h0pfenbrei

“Give me food!!”

Imgur | Letswalo

Don’t steal my stuff!

Imgur | CardboardPizzas

That is actually amazing!

Imgur | CardboardPizzas

What goes around comes around.

Reddit | wildereye

Ever ever!

Imgur | nmcgloghlin


Imgur | Dan68

Get off!

Reddit | cheetspeek

She’s not worth it bro.

Imgur | essimaria

If you’re going to cheat, at least hide your car.

Reddit | riveredboat

He’s done with humans!

Imgur | ThePocho361

“Screw your picture lady!”


Way to go mom!

Twitter | @kaila_horne

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