Pics That Are So Hilarious They'll Put You On The Floor

Let’s all take a moment to have a good laugh…

If you need a good laugh, stop your clicking and start scrolling! These 16 photos are just the chuckle and distraction you need. The job, the homework, the chores … they can wait. 

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Yes! Working out the legs while avoiding class.

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It’s ok Leo. Our hearts will go on.

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Nailed it, Dad. Nailed it.

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Take a moment … there it is!

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Inside voice please Drizzy.

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Gone all too soon.

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… and the truth comes out.

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“4,562 rice.” She counted.

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You sure about that …?

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Think of all the extra time you had … watching the previews … rewinding the movie. Just saying.

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Can we get a timeout already?

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How are they going to recycle that?

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Umm, I don’t think so.

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Yup. Seems right.


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You’ve got to be f*$%ing kidding me.

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