Photographer Helps Sick Children In Hospitals Visit The North Pole

The magic of photoshop…

Children look forward to Christmas all year round, they make grand preparations, and weave wild fantasies about all the things they’d like to request from Santa, dreaming of home-made Chocolates and Cookies…

However, some kids look at Christmas with a sense of sadness through the windows of a Hospital Room.

Kids who spend their Christmases in Hospital Rooms are often there for a variety of debilitating diseases that prevents them from having a normal childhood like the other kids. Many of them would simply like to be healthy and play around the snow like the other kids, a fantasy that often goes unfulfilled.

This is where Karen Aslop, an Australian Photographer, comes in. She visited Monash Children’s Hospital in Melbourne this year to give the kids’ there a little glimpse into their fantasies, to make them come true.

She set up a studio in the hospital and even brought in Santa to play with them. She took pictures of them either on their bed or playing with Santa.

She then used the magic of Photoshop to transport the children from their hospital confines into Santa’s winter wonderland up in the North Pole.

Karen and her team then framed the pictures and sent them over to the children.

She hopes that the photos would give the kids some hope and help them imagine a world beyond their physical confines.

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