People Are Going Crazy Over This Mathematical Equation, Can You Solve It?

It may seem simple, but no one can agree over the answer!

Are you someone who enjoys a challenge?

Every so often, a math problem or puzzle is shared online and stumps people everywhere. They are left arguing about what the right answer is on forums or comment sections all over.

This new equation has recently gone viral, and is causing an uproar on Facebook. It seems simple at first, but people just can’t agree on what the correct answer is. 

Do you think you can solve this one?

This equation requires multiplication as well as addition. That doesn’t sound too bad, right?


Looks easy right? So what’s the problem?


Let’s solve the first row.

Simple enough, it adds to 17.


Cool so far?


The next part is what the majority of people are arguing about.

If we just go from left to right, as is usual, it would be the following: 1+11 would be 12, plus 1 making it 13. We all know that if we multiply any number by 0, it would be 0, so if we continue off with 0 then add the last number, 1, doesn’t that make the answer 1?

Wrong! Can you guess why?


Warning! The real answer is just at the bottom of this page. Don’t scroll down too quickly if you’ll be taking a shot at solving it yourself.


The right answer is actually 30. Here’s a breakdown:

Who remembers PEMDAS (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction)? PEMDAS, commonly known as math’s order of operations, is an extremely important part of mathematics as it determines where you should start in long equations like this. In this particular case, to find the right answer, you first need to do the multiplication, which is 1 x 0= 0. Once you take away this portion from the long equation, you can just add up the rest and get a solid 30.

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