Parents Are Excited To Hear They're Having Identical Twins, Then Doctor Turns Around And Says "I'm Sorry"

They received some life-changing news

Happy couple Jodi and Matt were over the moon when they learned Jodi was a soon-to-be-mom of twin girls. Their son was just as excited to finally be the big brother he always wanted to be.

The newly born baby twin girls, Isobel and Abigail, were delivered prematurely in the summer of 2011. Several weeks later, their parents from Lancaster U.K. were given shocking news.

Their doctor invited the new parents into a room and announce two words that Jodi said she would never forget, “I’m sorry.”

Both the twins were diagnosed with the condition known as Down syndrome. After everything else that was discussed that day, Jodi stated to the Daily Mirror that it was the phrase, “I’m sorry” that shattered her the most, causing her to feel this diagnosis was in fact a life sentence.

Initially, Matt and Jodi were unfamiliar to the condition, knowing very little about the cause and effects of Down syndrome. Ultimately, the likelihood of both twins diagnosed with the syndrome is a one in a million chance.

Rather than providing support and education about this shocking news, both parents were left feeling panic and fear with countless unanswered questions. Would the girls lead a normal life? Could they go to public school and experience life as their peers would?

It wasn’t until the baby twins finally arrived at their loving home that there was something very special about Abigail and Isobel.

Take a look at these adorable twins just five years later……

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