Paradise Wildlife Park Welcomes Jaguar Cub!

He’s so adorable!

via YouTube

Birth is a beautiful, amazing experience to witness, no matter what species you’re talking about!

Live streaming on Facebook has changed the way we receive news from around the world. It has allowed us to see far corners of the world in real time. Paradise Wildlife Park took advantage of this and shared the incredible moment of a 3-year-old jaguar named Kedera giving birth.

This is Kedera’s firstborn cub, so the mom was not experienced in the matter, but based on the video she did flawlessly!

The health checkup revealed that both momma and baby girl cub are doing well!

The story started off when the cub’s parents, mom Kedera and dad Kumal were introduced 18 months ago, and according to the keepers, it was love (or perhaps lust?) at first sight!

The baby and her mom are not open to public eye yet, so they both can rest and recover. But once the baby jaguar is a little bigger and stronger, she’ll be given a big public introduction!

Paradise Wildlife Park is part of the European Endangered Species Programme and is working to ensure that jaguars are taken out of the “near threatened” list soon.

To witness the miracle of this jaguar’s birth, you can watch the video below!

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