Panicking Mom Missed Her Cruise Ship, Then It Sailed Away With Her Two Kids On It!

How did she let this happen??

Don’t you just hate vacation fumbles?


Last Spring, in April of 2016, a normal family was on a cruise in the beautiful Bahamas, and all was going really well- until things got really bad, really fast!

The parents decided to take a look around the town the boat was docked on, harmlessly going out for a stroll. They missed their departure time and frantically watched as the Norwegian Breakaway sailed away as their beloved children were on the ship!

One passenger named Scott Thomas saw that the panicking mother had dropped to the ground as the ship began to sail away. He began filming, and said, “Apparently she has her kids on the boat and she’s not on there. There’s a guy there, too. That right there is not cool.”

The parents were then stranded on the pier, and their children, a boy and girl, around 9 and 12 respectively, were on the boat all alone and had to take care of themselves amongst 4,090-other passengers.

“The dad was on the boat and the mom had not come on yet,” one passenger stated. “So the ship told the dad to go find her before the ship left. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find the mom until the ship left.”

What a nightmare!

Watch the video here and find out what happened!

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