Owner Captures Video of Mother Dog Feeding Baby Kitten

It’s so heartwarming!

Animals are often very caring creatures. They sense the need of other animals and respond.

It’s common to hear about cats looking after small animals or a female dog acting as a mother to kittens who get separated from theirs.

In Jamaica, a pet owner ended up in such a situation with his very own two pets.

One day as he stepped outside, he saw that his cat was being nursed by his dog. The kitten had been deprived of nourishment by its own mother and the dog was providing it with some much-needed maternal comfort.

It’s unclear if the dog gave birth recently or if the cat lost its mother. Nonetheless, we can feel the happiness of the cat on finally being fed some milk!

As soon as the owner spotted the heartfelt moment between the two pets, he ran to get his camera so he could capture this perfect moment. When the dog stood up, the cat rushed to stay close to her.

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