Old Man Forced To Sell Wood To Cover His Wife's Medical Bills, Even After She Dies

Kind neighbor tries to help after learning about this tragic tale

In order to help pay for his wife’s medical bills, this elderly man decided to chop up firewood and sell it to passers-by. Tragically, his wife passed away, but he still had to carry on selling the wood to cover the remaining debts.

Jessica Pittman / Facebook
Jessica Pittman / Facebook

Jessica Pittman was driving along one day when she noticed a man and his wife at the side of the road. She stopped her car and went over to see what they were doing.

It turned out that the couple, Kenneth and Helen Smith, were selling firewood. Kenneth would chop up the kindling and sell it in bags for $5 each. Why were they doing this? Well, Helen had been diagnosed with lung cancer, so the couple needed a way to make some extra cash.

One year later, Jessica was driving along the same road when she saw Kenneth again. But Helen wasn’t there. She went over and learned the truth; Helen had sadly succumbed to her illness and passed away. But Kenneth still had bills to pay and was therefore forced to carry on chopping that wood.

Jessica Pittman / Facebook
Jessica Pittman / Facebook

Touched by the story, Jessica went home and shared a message on Facebook, encouraging everyone to get out and help Kenneth out. Here’s what she wrote:

“If y’all need any kindling wood please come buy from this precious 80 year old elderly man. His name is Kenneth. He parks on the corner of Carl leggett and west Taylor Rd. In Gulfport Right near bayou bluff. He is there every day for hours. Selling for $5 a bag.

Background story: Last year he was there selling as well but he had his sweet little wife Helen with him. He was selling to help pay for his wife’s doctor visits and bills.

This year he is alone.

He said his wife Helen lost her battle to cancer a few weeks ago and he is still selling to cover pay for her doctor bills.

My heart breaks every time I pass him. He waves at every single car that passes.

Friday I was at the stop sign as a funeral procession was passing by. And he was standing alert with his straw hat over his heart. Precious man. I can’t buy it all!!

Anyway… We can all spare $5 to help this sweet man.”

Jessica Pittman / Facebook
Jessica Pittman / Facebook

Ready for the best part of the story? Jessica’s post got a lot of attention and even Kenneth’s son Leslie heard about it. Sadly, many of the people who read the story were too far away to donate any cash, so Leslie decided to start up a fundraising page for his dad online.

He created a Go Fund Me page with an ambitious target of $60k. At the time of writing, Leslie has managed to raise a whopping $100k for his father, all thanks to the kindness of strangers!

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