Officials in North Korea Say Their Missile Is Ready For Mass Production

North Korea said on Monday they conducted tests and their missiles meet all of the specifications necessary for mass production

ICBM Testing

North Korea said today its missiles had been successfully tested and are officially ready for mass production. The country is working towards trying to be able to hit the United States.

North Korea fired missiles off their east coast yesterday, and it’s their second missile test in the last seven days. Peace between President Moon Jae-in’s liberal government in South Korea and North Korea seems unlikely at this point.

Kim Jong Un oversaw the test of the “Pukguksong-2”, which is a missile capable of traveling long distances while carrying a nuclear warhead.

The government in Pyongyang has been defiant in the face of requests from foreign governments to stop its nuclear and missile programs, even from one of their allies, China. North Korea said its weapons are needed for defense against American hostility and aggression.

The Security Council of the United Nations is planning to meet on Tuesday to talk about the threat in North Korea. The meeting was called by the United States, Japan, and South Korea because of Kim Jong-Un’s transgressions of the Security Council’s resolutions and sanctions.

The test in Pyongyang could alter Moon’s plan to review a deployment of an anti-missile system created by the United States which is to be implemented in South Korea. The missile system is opposed by China, who sees it as a threat to their security.

The KNCA said “with pride” that the rocket’s rate is accurate and it will be a useful and strategic weapon.

The reliability and accuracy of the missile were verified by the launch today and was recorded by a camera attached to the warhead, according to the Korean State Agency News.

The KNCA and Kim Jong Un said the view of the world looks “beautiful” from the camera mounted to the top of the missile. The rocket was able to capture images of the earth while flying through the air.

The rocket uses a solid-fuel tank, and it presents different advantages for weapons because the fuel is “stable” and can be moved around quickly, allowing to be used a short notice.

The Pukguksong-2 flew 500 km and reached an altitude of 560 km, according to the military of South Korea. The military in the democratic republic of South Korea said the launch provided “meaningful data” about the North’s missile program.

The anti-western state has been working on building weapons for war for a long time, and the government of Pyongyang said on Saturday it now has the capability to hit Alaska and Hawaii. According to military experts in the United States, their claims are exaggerated.

Other military officials think it will be closer to 2030 when the North has the actual technology to match its boasting, contrary to the claims of the KCNA and Kim Jong Un thus far.

North Korea threatens to hit South Korean and the United States frequently because it accuses the western superpower of getting ready to invade. South Korea currently holds 28,500 US troops to counter the threat of North Korean aggression.