Nursing Home Director Can't Believe How This Lonely Old Lady Spends Her Days

Saddening story reminds us of the perils of loneliness

Being lonely isn’t nice. Unfortunately, some people simply don’t have much of a choice in the matter. People like Mary, who spends every moment of every day in isolation.


It’s a harsh fact of life that some people are completely alone. There might be 7 billion of us on this planet, but not everyone has someone to talk to and share their days with. Often, elderly people are among the loneliest. Sometimes, these people’s families just don’t visit them. Other times, they simply don’t have any family or friends at all.

98-year old Mary is one such example. Instead of moving to a retirement home and seeking out the companionship of people her age, Mary lives by herself.

The Voyager film crew decided to make a short video about a typical day in Mary’s life. They visited her home and filmed Mary as she went about her usual business. The old lady also offered a striking commentary on solitary life. Here’s the video, entitled “Junk Mail”:


It’s quite hard to watch the video without wanting to head over to Mary’s house and spend some time with her.

She reveals that one of the worst things about being alone is simply finding ways to pass the time. And, in order to fill the hours each day, Mary has come up with her own system of stripping and cutting junk mail into little pieces.

During the video, a nursing home director is also invited for a visit to Mary’s home. The director begins to cry at what she sees and reveals that she never thought too hard about the people who live alone like Mary.

At least it seems like Mary enjoyed spending a day with someone else and sharing her story with the world. Perhaps this video will encourage other people to get in touch with her, and it should certainly encourage all of us to reach out to elderly relatives and friends.

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