Nurse Hears Someone Screaming At McDonald's, Then Runs Over To Help

It’s lucky that she was there!

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! When this nurse heard someone screaming in a McDonald’s bathroom, she ran over to help. 


April Jones was enjoying some breakfast at McDonald’s with her mother. The incident occurred at a restaurant in Sarasota, Florida.

Suddenly, Jones heard someone crying out in pain.

“I looked around and the screams were coming from the bathroom. Next thing I see her husband running to the bathroom. He said, ‘She’s pregnant.’”

Jones quickly followed the husband into the bathroom, instantly spotting Cathy Jordan lying on the floor. The pregnant woman was about to give birth, a whole month ahead of her due date!

A trained nurse, Jones knew she had to help. She collected some coats in order to give Jordan a blanket to lie on, and then proceeded to use her skills and experience to help deliver the child.

“I put on gloves really quick. She is dilating really, really fast, and so, the baby’s head is popped out, now. And I see the cord is around the baby’s neck.”

The baby had been born, but it wasn’t breathing.

Fortunately, other diners had called for an ambulance, and paramedics soon arrived to help Jones out. They gave the baby some oxygen and saved his life. The child, who has since been named Parker, was able to make a full recovery.

Jones believes that the whole event was a miracle.

“I was put there at that location at that time by God to bring this baby into the world. His mom’s got a really good Christmas gift there.”

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