New Owners Thought They Were Adopting One Pitbull Pup- Then They Looked at the Ultrasound

This couple got way more than they bargained for!

Chris and Mariesa figured a loving shelter dog would be the perfect addition to their simple life in the country. Hours after rescuing ONE Pitbull pup, their family grew by thirteen instead!

Operating a dog kennel, the couple crossed paths with Storie, a brindle colored pup carrying a litter of twelve! It was love at first sight. Absolutely ready to burst, Storie was hesitant to go into labor within the shelter walls.

Chris and Mariesa knew instantly they could provide a safe and happy home for the mom-to-be. After a speedy adoption, the new family made the journey back home.


Apparently, a change of environment was exactly what Storie needed. De-stressed and completely relaxed, the pup went into labor eighteen hours after leaving the shelter.

The mama dog braved through the pain, delivering twelve adorably cute puppies! Each and every one found forever homes, giving Storie’s story a happy ending after all.