Neurological Disease Becomes Reason For A Dog And Donkey’s Bond

Friendship does not discriminate!

Kolima is a youthful Kangal puppy who tragically has a neurological malady that makes walking hard and getting up exceptionally troublesome. He needs to play, however, and fortunately his proprietor, Felice Caputo, found him a companion to play with: Paolo, the donkey.

Kolima has Wobbler Syndrome, a sickness that influences the vertebrae in a dog’s neck, asserting pressure on the nerves and spinal cord. Its name alludes to the particular shaky walk the dogs can have.

Other than an abnormal walk, the syndrome causes a decreased amount of vitality, as well as general weakness.

Facebook | Felice Caputo

This means Kolima spends the greater part of his day resting, but he still manages to live a life of joy. How? It’s all thanks to Paolo the donkey.

Paolo has been with Caputo since his birth.

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Caputo explained that whenever Paolo is around, Kolima gets a new boost of energy and is eager to play and have fun.

Facebook | Felice Caputo

Paolo will stoop down to make playing less demanding for Kolima.

Paolo has received Kolima as his companion to care for.

Facebook | Felice Caputo

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