NASA Shows Contrasts Of Our Planet With A Series Of Before And After Shots

Mother Earth is doing her best to keep on going strong

The Earth is more majestic than we give it credit for; it keeps changing and adapting to how we treat it.

NASA has showed us firsthand how different disasters and events can affect our planet with a stunningly powerful series of before and after photos. Check them out!

The transformation of the fourth largest lake from above.

The Soviet Union decided in 1960 to channel water from the then gargantuan Aral Sea to promote crop development in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan. By the start of the century, the sea had split in two and a little over a decade later, the lake is a shell of itself. This gradual change has caused increasingly colder winters and drier summers in the area.


How an avalanche looks from above, before and after.

These pictures, taken a month apart in 2016, show the debilitating effects of this avalanche on the surface of the earth. While the reason for this massive avalanche is still unknown, it was one of the biggest in recent history.


Loss of the Arctic sea’s mass of ice over 3 decades.

The loss of the firmer, stronger white ice is shockingly evident here.


Fire is a vengeful mistress.

This picture showcases the consequences of a fire on our planet. The second picture, a month later, shows the earth trying to recuperate from the damage.


Pictures of Lake Cachuna three years apart.

A drought from 2013 to 2016 seriously affected the terrain. The discrepancy between the relative size of the lake and the surrounding hues can be clearly seen.


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