Mum Removes The Blanket From Her Newborn To Reveal An Incredible Surprise For Her Father Sewed Into The Baby's Onesie

Mary kept the name of her newborn from her father until the day she was born, and revealed it in an amazing way!

Mary Martinez never had the opportunity to meet her father’s mother, Mary Elisabeth.

Her grandmother passed away 34 years ago, which was devastating for Mary’s father and the entire family. When Mary gave birth to a baby girl, she decided to do something incredible and name her daughter after the grandmother she never got to meet.

She decided to keep the baby name a secret from her father, right up until the day she was born, and then surprised him in an amazing way.

She had the name sewn onto the baby’s onesie, and when her father arrived, she removed the blanket to reveal the beautiful surprise.

Grandpa’s reaction to his granddaughter’s name is absolutely brilliant! He was in complete shock!

Check out the fantastic moment below!