Movie Accidents That Turned Into Memorable Scenes

Time to re-watch ALL of these movies!

Some mistakes can turn into goods things. Others can get you killed. This probably doesn’t apply to movies though, unless you’re a stuntman, so let’s move on to bloopers…

Bloopers are sometimes funnier than actual comedy movies, so let’s check out some iconic movie moments that were actually mistakes!

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Instead of hot babes walking out of the water, like they usually do in Bond movies, Casino Royale gave us Daniel Craig walking out of the water with his abs on display.

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Apparently that was a screw-up. Craig hit a sandbank and got up awkwardly, which turned into his iconic walk on the beach, giving girls everywhere something to dream about every night.


Tom Hardy saying, “dream a little bigger, darling” from that scene in Inception is the stuff of sexy dreams, but Hardy actually improvised the word ‘darling’ and the director decided to keep it in.


We knew Leonardo DiCaprio is an amazing and dedicated actor, but what we didn’t know was that he sliced his hand open in Django Unchained after his character slams his fist onto the table and DIDN’T break character!

His reaction in the next scene is completely genuine!


The Joker blowing up the hospital in The Dark Knight is peak Joker. But the delay of the bombs was accidental. Even so, Heath Ledger remained in character and gave us the perfect reaction.


When filming for Midnight Cowboy in New York City, a real cab ran through a green light in the scene where Dustin Hoffman and his co-star cross the street and he ad-libbed.

Hoffman says, “I wound up saying, ‘I’m walkin’ here!’ But what was going through my head is: ‘Hey, we’re makin’ a movie here! And you just f–ked this shot up.’ But somehow, something told me you’d better keep it within the character.”


Being John Malkovich features a classic scene in which a drunk extra actually threw a beer can at actor John Malkovich, shouting at him, “Hey Malkovich, think fast!”

The scene was of John walking angrily as cars passed him by, but the Director Spike Jonze loved this extra scene so he added it in.

The line-up scene in The Usual Suspects got really smelly, as Benicio Del Toro kept farting and making all the characters laugh…

Apparently he was “flatulent the whole time” and the actors kept cracking up. The director decided to keep the scene.

Viggo Mortensen, who played Aragorn in Lord of The Rings actually smashed his foot and broke TWO toes!

Aragorn was easily one of the most badass characters in the film. But his bravery almost got him killed during filming…

During filming of Fellowship of the Ring, one actor playing an orc accidentally hurled a real knife at Viggo Mortensen, who managed to deflect it with his sword. Could he get any cooler?



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American Sniper had a 460 million budget, but poor Bradley Cooper still had to make the cheap baby doll’s arm move himself!


Zoolander is pretty and dumb, but Ben Stiller made him even dumber because he couldn’t remember his lines…

There is a scene where Zoolander asks twice in a row, “Why male models?” because he forgot his lines!


The Avengers had plenty of mistakes, too!


Robert Downey Jr. knows that food > everything else. So he had his food stashed in literally every corner of the lab set of The Avengers. The crew would tell him to stop, but he kept refusing, so they had to keep the scenes in which he’s eating.


As cool as the Stormtrooper helmet looks in Star Wars, Luke Skywalker was right when he said, “I can’t see a thing in these helmets”.

The Stormtroopers had a hard time with these helmets on, and one of them hit a doorway pretty hard! But the director not only kept the scene, but also tried to replicate it in other movies!


Finally, here’s a dumb typo from The Dark Knight Rises.

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