Mother and Dog give Birth At the Same Time

Their babies pose for the CUTEST photo…

Who could have foreseen this: 10 babies born in one day! Kami Klingbeil and her beloved goldendoodle Delia, went into labor on the exact same day.


The family from Chico, CA, knew Delia’s due date was two days before Kami’s labor was to be induced, but things didn’t turn out the way that the family expected. Kami went to the hospital to give birth, but it wasn’t long before Kami got a phone call from her father. Delia was giving birth.

“We had no idea it was going to happen,” Kami said.

A mere three hours before Kami gave birth to son Brydon, Delia gave birth to nine healthy puppies. Unlike their mother, each of Delia’s puppies had beautiful black fur. Kami joked to a photographer friend that Brydon should do a photo shoot with the puppies.

That’s when Teresa Raczynski of Park Avenue Photography found a way to make it happen. Brydon and the puppies were only 6 days old when the group posed for their big photo op.

“He loved it,” she said. “He was hating pictures, but we started putting the puppies on top of him and he loved cuddling them.  They liked his warmth and he liked theirs.”

Kami plans to keep one of the puppies, but the rest of the lot are currently awaiting their forever homes. One is training to become a service dog.

“I’m hoping to keep all the dog owners in the loop,” she said. “We’d love to do another photo shoot at six months and a year.”

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It was a special day for Kami and her husband Joshua as they welcomed their second child. But shockingly, their family wasn't done expanding. On the same day, their dog Delia also gave birth.