Monochrome Manicures That Are Far From Plain

These amazing monochromatic manicures take your breath away with just black and white!

When you hear “monochrome”, you think plain, and maybe even boring. People underestimate the potential of the solid monochromatic color schemes, so they miss out on a lot of stunning designs. Look at how these nail artists thought outside the box and made such dazzling art with just a couple of colors.

This mix of black and white lines and shapes results into something as dazzling as the starry night.

Instagram | @delamersalon_spa

Mix the black and white shades with something sparkly and silver and you end up with a jazzed up set of nails.

Instagram | @vixennailsbyvicky

No need to fill the entire space! These dots make for a fun pattern.

Instagram | @rybanails

While monochrome designs might look simple, mixing up different types in one set can yield very eye-catching results.

Instagram | @katebeaute

Each of your nails is a canvas! Paint different monochrome styles and make a gallery of your masterpieces!

Instagram | @chantelles_pretties

It’s not all black and white, though. Mint with a hint of white can be perfect for a lot of casual occasions.

Instagram | @devikatinsarran

Playing with lines will make you an artist in no time!

Instagram | @kla2nails

Don’t like lines? The smooth fade of gradients will satisfy your taste for artistic nails.

Instagram | @sailornails

Monochrome can only be as boring as you want it to be. But it can also be as daring as you dream it to be. This kind of design will rock with a pair of heels!

Instagram | @classicmully

Love modern art? Monochrome can be modern too!

Instagram | @questashae_nailart

If you don’t want it all black and white, silver is the way to go. Add some glitter while you’re at it!

Instagram | @georginasnails

Zigzags are a classic, but they’ll look awesome on your nails!

Instagram | @cutepolish

It’s okay to be different. Making your own designs and combinations will make sure you stand out, always.

Instagram | @naysaying

Go as dark as you want. Go as light as you want. You can even do both.

Instagram | @perfect_10_nailz

Monochromatic shades are the best tools for playing with negative space.

Instagram | @_myminime_

Like white nails but don’t want them too simple? Add some black lines for a refreshing new look.

Instagram | @nails_by_cam

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