Mom's Daughter Starts Acting Strangely, So She Installs A Spy-Cam To Keep An Eye On The Nanny

When she watches the footage, she can’t believe her eyes

Can you imagine learning that you’d unknowingly been leaving your child in the hands of someone cruel and violent? Sadly, that’s exactly what happened to these parents.


The story occurred back in 2014. Whitney Matney and her husband Chris were in need of a nanny to look after their young daughter Raylee. Whitney was a law student at the time and got in touch with an old high school classmate who offered to take care of Raylee.

Naturally, Whitney believed that she could trust the nanny. It’s always difficult for parents to leave their children with other people, but in this case, Whitney was confident that everything would be okay.

Over time, Whitney and Chris noticed that Raylee was starting to behave a bit strangely. Whenever the nanny arrived at the home, Raylee would try to run away and hide. The 1-year-old girl seemed to be scared of the nanny, and the couple began to have some doubts about the situation.

They decided to set up a spy-cam to see what was going on when they weren’t around.

The very first night after installing the camera, Whitney noticed that it had been moved. She was immediately concerned and decided to check out the footage. What she saw chilled her to the core.

The video had captured the cruel nanny violently hitting and shaking Raylee. Then, she spotted the spy-cam and turned it around.

Whitney and Chris called the cops and the nanny was arrested the same day. The couple are glad they discovered the truth, but they feel terrible to have left their daughter in the hands of someone so horrible for so long.

This story just goes to show that you can never be too careful. The nanny in question arrived with good references and seemed like the perfect person for the job, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Check out the video below to learn more, but we’d like to warn you that it does contain some disturbing footage. SHARE the story with your friends on social media to raise awareness about dangerous nannies.