Mom Wants to Show Off Her Homemade Dip On Live TV, Reporter Starts Uncontrollably Gagging!

Maybe she shouldn’t have gone with spinach and artichoke?

This has happened to me before! Well…not exactly, but every time I want to show off a new recipe, even if I’ve done it 1,000 times before, it somehow ends up going horrible wrong…

Global News Calgary

On Global News Calgary’s live Christmas recipe special, the hosts of the show were told to bring in a homemade recipe to share. Little did they know the surprise they were in for next!

Leslie Horton promised to put her busy schedule as a reporter and mother aside and attempt to make a holiday recipe from scratch to share with family and friends She was hoping it would blow her co-hosts away, and although the recipe may have been questionable, in a sense, she succeeded!

Upon request from her family, Leslie was asked to contribute a home made dish for the holidays rather than her all-time favorite store-bought christmas fruit cake. Everyone had plans to bring something of their own to the table.

Her initial hesitation faded as Leslie set out to make a non-baked artichoke dip, a deliciously easy treat to make for this very gathering. As she lifted the cover of her casserole, there was an immediate sense of joyful discomfort in the air!

On live television, Leslie dolloped her failed attempt at an artichoke dip onto a tortilla chip for each of the hosts to try. Horrified at the thought of trying it, they did their best to stomach the sample, gagging, giggling, and cracking jokes as they did. An overwhelming smell of vinegar was the most notable characteristic of the dish That and its awfully lumpy appearance. She then made sure to point out not a spoon of vinegar was used to make it!

Leslie beamed at the idea of forcing her failed recipe onto the group, warning them despite her efforts, “it didn’t go well”! Even though they put out their best efforts to accept her offering, one co-host couldn’t go through with it. He reached for a napkin and grabbed a drink to wash away the inedible mush.

What started out as failure on Leslie’s attempt to make a nice holiday home-made recipe turned into the perfect prank to spread that holiday cheer! Join in on the season’s spirit by sharing what home-made fails you brought to the table! Share your hilarious stories in the comment section below!

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