Mom Takes DNA Test To Confirm Whether Daughter Belongs To Her Or Not

A mother’s intuition is always right!

After seeing her newborn daughter for the first time, Lyudmila Trofimova had a weird apprehension. She was convinced that the baby girl did not belong to her.


This story begins at a Russian hospital, where two women with the same name gave birth to two baby girls via cesarean section. It turned out that these babies were switched at birth by staff at the hospital.

Both mothers fed the babies, believing them to be their own, and developed motherly feelings for the girls. It was after a DNA test conducted by the husband of one woman that the mystery unravelled.

At this point, the girls and their mothers had been together for several months, so it was hard for them to let go of the babies they had started to love so much.

“I do understand that the baby is her daughter,” said the second woman, Lyudmila Dubayeva. “I do understand that she will be in good hands. The other is my daughter, too. We’ll remain friends, we shall be meeting each other. It’s hard, it’s very hard, almost like a heartbreak.”

The women now plan on staying in contact and exchanging pictures of their daughters as they grow up.

It’s strange to see how two families were brought together by such a weird thing.

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