Mom Steps Out To Buy Diapers, Leaving 5-Month-Old With Babysitter. The Next Morning She Still Hadn't Returned

She had no choice but to bring the baby to a fire station…

Alysha agreed to watch Lily while her mother went to get some more diapers for her daughter. She didn’t know the 5-month-old’s mom wasn’t planning on coming back.  


After leaving her motel room with a few credit cards and some cash, Stephanie Estrada entrusted her infant daughter to the care of Alysha. The woman had promised the volunteer babysitter she would return later that same night. In reality, the mom was nowhere to be found.

“We saw her Sunday night, and she asked if we could help her and take care of the baby,” Alysha said. “ … We agreed to watch her while she went to get money for diapers for the baby, but she never came back. She said she would call, but we never heard from her. The baby was by herself.”

Thankfully, Alysha kindly agreed to stay with Lily until the next morning. Once she realized Stephanie clearly wasn’t planning to return, the woman took the 5-month-old to a nearby Fire Station as a last ditch effort.

“Pretty much bringing her here was the last resort because we don’t know where she belongs,” Alysha said.

The firefighters welcomed little Lily with open arms and immediately “jumped right into action.” Police actually managed to locate Stephanie and rightfully charged the woman with child endangerment and abandonment. After being placed in the hands of the state, the 5-month-old was miraculously recognized by her uncle.

“We love Lillian, she is our angel,” the girl’s uncle explained. “Everyone in our family loves her. It really hurts that my sister didn’t bring the baby to our family’s house. We will do everything we can to get her back.”

Because of Alysha, the five-month-old was delivered safe and sound and given the care and attention she deserved. Things definitely look a little brighter for adorable little Lillian.

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