Mom Proudly Breastfeeds Her Five-year-Old Triplets

She says her kids can have breast milk for as long as they want

This Australian mother doesn’t care what anyone thinks. She’ll allow her kids to keep breastfeeding as long as they’d like. In fact, she’s so proud of her mothering, she even shares her breastfeeding pictures on Instagram!


Davina Wright is mom to Connor, Willow and Summer. The five-year-old triplets are still breastfed.

While the mother claims she wishes the three would stop, she has vowed to continue breastfeeding as long as her children like.

Wright shared her message on a number of different pro-breastfeeding groups:

“In all honesty I would be happy if they weaned now. I am big on letting the child decide when they are ready to wean but at the same time I’m like ‘dudes, there are 3 of you, and you’re 5, come on already!’ I am tired, I am touched out, and I am pretty sure the last of the ‘baby weight’ won’t shift until they stop. It’s not that I want my body back to myself, because the three of them will continue to climb on me, sit on me and take ‘piggy back rides’ on me, it’s more that I am just feeling done.”


Wright said she has done her best to avoid breastfeeding in certain public places. She also plans to limit feeding to early morning and right before bed.


While the five years of breastfeeding has taken a toll on her body, Wright says it has helped to bond her further to her triplets.


Nursing her children allows Wright to take a second to enjoy the time with her children.


She also likes how her children are able to talk about breastfeeding and understand why it’s important.

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